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Porcelain Boys - Away Awhile CD - SOLD OUT
Starmarket - Sundays Worst Enemy CD - SOLD OUT
Beezewax - South of Boredom CD - SOLD OUT
Jettison - Search for the Gun Girl CD
Crushstory - A+ Electric CD
Horace Goes Skiing - Yeah Right Sure CD
Beat Crusaders - All You Can Eat CD
Kenneth Ishak - Northern Exposure CD
Chester Copperpot - Kings of Kirby CD

$4.00 Flat Shipping Charge within the United States. Buy as many 7"s & CDs as you want. Your shipping will be $4.00 total!

International shipping is a bit crazy. For non US/Canada folks, you will see your shipping total once you are in PayPal. We apologize if some of the rates seem wacky, but it's really expensive to ship internationally without putting the records on a boat (which we don't want to do, airplanes are quicker).